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What You will Learn from this Book

For You

No one is a ‘born’ leader. Thank heavens! That means you can learn, improve and make positive changes in your leadership style.

For Your Team

Your team depends on your business just as you do. You can activate creativity, trust & diligence in your team by changing your actions towards them.

For Productivity

You and your team make big progress when you are on the same page. Use these tactics to flat-out get more DONE, together.

What Our Customers Said in Their own Words

We have all our stations finished for our store, food shacks etc now just working on the “October only” activities! We have never been this farm ahead!

Annie Bartalemia

Lee Farms

I can remember Hugh’s first visit like yesterday. Teaming up with Hugh and Maze Quest has impacted everything I do in a very positive way. Ag entertainment is taking my business to a level I never thought possible.

Mike Marini

Marini Farms

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